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High risk populations should be able to live in a risk free environment. For elderly, veteran, single parent, and target risk groups; our organization may be utilized to upgrade existing structures to create a safe haven to live, connect and thrive within the community.

If you or a loved one live in an unsafe environment, please engage with our community leader below.

The International Fire Foundation was created to provide charitable assistance to families and victims after disaster.

There are many resources available to victims of disaster, we ensure families are educated and informed of local resources in their community.

The goal of our organization is to rebuild communities damaged by fire and disaster; to eliminate additional, often unintentional homelessness during a national housing crisis.

The International Fire Foundation was created to connect families and first responder agencies before, during and after disaster. The Community Connect program may be used to volunteer, fundraise for local projects, families or victims, to receive donations of shelter, in kind gifts of service, goods, or other value to help those in need, and deploys local community leaders to give vital education and information after disaster strikes for long term recovery.

The Community Connection program encompasses our commitment to local collaboration to make our communities a safer, healthy environment for all.

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Report a Fire or Disaster

In Your Community

If you need emergency relief and long term recovery information,

Report the incident to send an Emergency Response Team out to your area.

All inquiries and applicants shall receive our comprehensive disaster recovery guide upon request,

and assistance with local, state and federal resources to aid in recovery. Recovery is difficult, if you need help

navigating an emergency or disaster loss, click here.

Program Intake

Click on the underlined program name in the section above to link for a specific intake form: Rebuild, Upgrade or Community Connection.

All general inquiries may use the form below.

The Repair and Rebuild program consists of three tiers of community resilience:

Disaster Preparation and Repair



Repair & Rebuild

Applicants may not need all services. Applicants may engage in partial services, multiple services or a single life changing service.

For each tier, affected, high risk populations will have priority. Priority list will then default to specific dynamic groups: veterans, single parent, low income, immigrant, minority and first generation.

Our financial relief mechanisms are available to all applicants: Loans, Grants, Fellowship, and Scholarship.

Applicants are encourage to apply to all modes of assistance, while one family may not qualify for a loan, they may qualify for a grant or fellowship.