Rebuilding lives and connecting communities.

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The Upgrade program improves existing structures to create a safe haven to live, connect and thrive within the community.


The Rebuild program restores communities damaged by disaster for families with or without insurance.

The Rebuild program primarily focuses on residential fire loss, and may be applied to complex incident or large scale disaster in affected areas.



The Community Connect program supports families and first responder agencies affected by disaster.

The Community Connection program provides education and assistance to affected communities after emergency. The connect program safeguards the health and safety of the neighborhood.



As major insurance companies pull out of high risk areas, many communities will find home insurance to be unaffordable, inadequate in coverage, or create a lapse in coverage. The International Fire Foundation was formed to eliminate unintentional, and unnecessary homelessness for high risk populations, families, and victims affected by disaster worldwide.

By connecting community leaders with a formidable force of volunteers, employees, executives, corporate and community partners; we can mitigate life safety hazards and provide long term recovery assistance to communities that may have no other option.

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