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Supporting families and victims affected by disaster worldwide

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We are dedicated to providing assistance and support to families and victims affected by disaster.

Join us in making a difference.

storm near leafed plants
storm near leafed plants
aerial photo of wild fire
aerial photo of wild fire
Our Work
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people standing on brown wooden bridge during daytime


Discover the projects we have completed to help those affected by fires. Your support can make a difference.


Learn about the projects we are currently working on to assist families and victims impacted by fires.

The Stacey Family - Texas
The Hahn Family - South Dakota
The Perez Family - Texas

This is the home I raised all of my children in and is the only thing I have remaining from my mother who is deceased.

I am a single mother and foster parent of five children and two dogs. I am going to school full time for a masters in school counseling. The structure fire has added lots of stress. I have 4 children under 6 and all of which have trauma from the fire on Sept. 15. We were lucky enough to have gotten out, but the trauma that comes with recovery is awful.

Receiving assistance from your program to rebuild our home would be life-changing for my 65-year old father (who is starting to develop cataracts and health issues, recently retired, low-income, Hispanic w/limited English proficiency) and family. Currently, we find ourselves in a state of uncertainty and upheaval following the devastating loss of the home to a fire, a home we've spent over 30+ years in. The assistance your program offers would provide us with the stability and security we desperately need to rebuild our lives.

Not only would rebuilding our home restore a physical structure, but it would also restore a sense of normalcy, safety, and comfort that has been shattered by this tragedy. It would mean having a place to call home once again, a sanctuary where we can feel secure and at peace.

Moreover, the assistance would significantly improve our living conditions. Our home was not just a shelter; it was a repository of cherished memories and the backdrop for countless family moments. Rebuilding it would not only fulfill a practical need for shelter but also restore a sense of continuity and belonging for us. It would alleviate the stress and uncertainty that have plagued us since the fire, allowing us to focus on healing and rebuilding our lives.

San Diego Flooding 2024

Our local community leader and volunteer force collaborated with city, county, and local resources to triage, mitigate, and reconstruct over 50 homes in San Diego after the atmospheric river dumped on our citizens in January 2024.

Lakeside Home

Our local community leader was called out to large fire in San Diego to help give education and information for a prominent figure in our city. Our trusted partners are currently rebuilding the community gathering place right now. There is power in healing.

Joe's Gym

Our local community leader was called out to small home fire in Lakeside to ensure all members received adequate help. We were able to match the two remaining residents with short term housing and financial assistance.