Program Descriptions

Operation: Fire Safe

International Fire Foundation: Recovery Programs

The International Fire Foundation (IFF) offers a comprehensive suite of programs designed to empower communities before, during, and after disasters.  We are dedicated to fire safety education, risk mitigation, and long-term recovery. Although we focus on assisting high-risk populations and the uninsured, underrepresented groups; we have comprehensive recovery education and information for all community members, insured or uninsured. We do offer our program services to insured applicants, however our priority will always be high risk populations.

Education and Information:

A core component of all IFF programs is our commitment to education and information sharing.  We have a comprehensive fire recovery guide specifically for victims, which will outline:

Available Resources: Our organization has developed comprehensive guide that will detail various resources available to assist with recovery, including government programs, insurance claim processes, and non-profit support organizations.

Immediate Relief Steps: We will provide crucial steps to take immediately after a fire, such as contacting emergency services, securing your property, and ensuring emergency relief resources are responding.

Long-Term Recovery: The guide will address what to expect during the long-term recovery process, including debris removal, permitting procedures, and construction timelines.

IFF's Role in Long Term Recovery: This section will explain how IFF fits into your long-term recovery plan and detail the specific support we offer to eligible applicants.

Here is a detailed breakdown of our three core programs:

1. Rebuild Programs

Focus: Assisting families and victims whose homes have sustained significant fire damage, making them uninhabitable.

Eligibility: Priority is given to high-risk populations and the uninsured, but all applications are reviewed.

Financial Assistance:

** Grant/Loan programs are paired with our local resources to fund the rebuild/upgrade process and associated expenses. To avoid misdirection or mismanagement of funds, all grant and loan money is paid directly to our vetted partners performing the work on the affected structure for invoices generated to the International Fire Foundation.

Safehome® Grants: For qualifying applicants, these grants provide financial assistance to secure a safe home environment through early preparation and repairs. No repayment is required.

Firesafe® Grants: These grants offer support for disaster mitigation, reconstruction, or full demolition and rebuild. While not mandatory, participation in the voluntary labor initiative (supporting first responders, fire education programs, or assisting other families) is encouraged. Grants are awarded with no repayment required, program compliance required.

Loans: For lower-risk populations, low down payment or no down payment, no-interest or low-interest loans are available to help finance home restoration or rebuilding. Applicants who qualify for no-interest loans can opt-in to a 1-3% interest rate, with those funds donated to assist the next family in need. Loans are subject to review if they cause financial hardship or exceed a 40% debt-to-income ratio.

Additional Support: All Rebuild program participants receive access to IFF's comprehensive fire recovery education and information resources, regardless of insurance status. These resources include insurance claim navigation, disaster preparedness tips, and long-term recovery guidance.

2. Upgrade Program:

Focus: Improving the safety and energy efficiency of existing homes, particularly for low-income families, seniors and high-risk populations.

Eligibility: Program details and eligibility requirements are available on the IFF website (Eligibility).

Financial Assistance: Akin to the Rebuild program, the Upgrade program may offer grants or loans to help homeowners address critical repairs and upgrades, such as fire safety system installations or weatherization improvements. Specific details on funding options will be available on the program webpage.

3. Community Connection Program:

Focus: Building strong and resilient communities through collaboration and support.


Sponsorship of Charity, Fundraisers, and Events: The IFF Community Connection program can offer support to local organizations, partners, and individuals hosting events aligned with IFF's mission. This support may include aid for events. The IFF may act as the fiscal sponsor of an event if our organization mission and values align with the event's goals for Fire Departments, agencies or other participating organizations.

First Responder Collaboration: The IFF can partner with first responders as a local community partner and fiscal sponsor for fundraising events that support fire safety and community well-being. This allows individuals and organizations to host events without establishing their own non-profit and still offer tax benefits to their donors.

Emergency Hazard Mitigation: IFF's network of local leaders identifies and mitigates immediate life safety hazards in communities worldwide. This may include open/unsecure homes, damaged structures, and other potential dangers following a disaster.

City/County Partnerships: Cities, counties and incorporated towns can collaborate with the IFF to aid emergency response agencies secure structures after disasters, reducing liability and risk for the community. Incorporated and unincorporated areas can also partner with IFF for ongoing hazard mitigation within their jurisdictions with our subscription model for cities. Local leaders are encouraged to create an open dialog with local government, city and unincorporated counties to participate in the emergency hazard mitigation. For a monthly donation to the organization, we will mitigate any open and unsecure structure, with a priority on abandoned or unclaimed structures. All properties with responsible parties will be referred to our local partner organizations.