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Provide critical housing solutions for displaced families after disaster.

Safe Homes For All

Donate Your Property and Help Families Rebuild

Turn Your Property into Hope for Disaster Survivors:

In the aftermath of a disaster, many families lose their homes and face limited options for temporary or permanent housing. This can cause significant financial hardship and prolonged displacement, adding to the stress of an increasingly difficult situation.

The International Fire Foundation (IFF) is committed to providing long-term recovery solutions. We work to rebuild the original homes of affected families, but understand the critical need for temporary shelter while those repairs are underway.

That's where our Shelter Solution program comes in.

Partnering for Hope:

Local Collaboration: We partner with local community members and organizations to receive property donations – houses, apartments, or even vacant land.

Temporary Solutions: These donations provide safe and secure temporary housing for families displaced by disaster, allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings while their homes are rebuilt.

Seamless Transition: The IFF works closely with local partners to ensure a smooth transition from temporary housing back to permanent homes.

Why Donate Your Property?

The benefits of donating your property to our Shelter Solution program are twofold:

Immediate Impact: Your donation provides critical temporary housing for families in need, reducing stress and financial hardship during a difficult time.

Long-Term Recovery: By enabling families to stay local, your contribution supports a smooth transition back to their rebuilt homes once repairs are complete.

Donating Your Property is Easier Than You Think

We understand that navigating the process of donating real estate can seem complex. That's why we're here to help! Our team will work closely with you and your advisors to ensure a smooth and efficient donation process.

Unlike selling your property and donating the proceeds, a direct property donation offers you:

Reduced Tax Burden: Avoid potential capital gains taxes associated with selling your property.

Simplified Process: We handle the complexities of property transfer, saving you time and resources.

Direct Impact: Your donation goes directly to supporting families in need.

Reap the Rewards of Real Estate Giving with Shelter Solutions

Donating your property to Shelter Solutions offers a unique opportunity to combine your charitable goals with modern fiscal strategies. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Reduce Your Tax Burden: Avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of your property by donating it directly to a 501(c)3 public charity.

Maximize Your Deduction: Receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value of your donated property.

Boost Your Retirement Income: Explore options like charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts to potentially increase retirement income while supporting a worthy cause.

Make a Lasting Impact: Your property donation directly translates to temporary housing for families in need, leaving a lasting impact on their lives and your community.

Simplify the Process: Our team handles the complexities of property transfer, saving you time and resources.

By donating to Shelter Solutions, you are not giving away a property – you are giving hope and stability to families during critical recovery.

Let's Talk!

Whether you're considering a temporary, part time, full time or permanent property donation, our team is happy to discuss the options and answer any questions you may have. Engaging with the team does not guarantee receipt of the real estate or asset; not all donor fit and gift alignment are appropriate for our program.  Contact us today and see how your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of disaster survivors.

The example shown in figure one (1) below illustrates the capital gains and tax savings benefits for a donor that gifts real estate or assets valued at $1 million directly to charity (Shown as the second option), rather than selling the property and donating the after-tax proceeds (Shown as the first option).

Shelter Solutions: Transforming Communities Through Real Estate Donations

The International Fire Foundation (IFF) goes beyond simply rebuilding homes. We understand the critical need for temporary housing while families wait for their permanent dwellings to be repaired or rebuilt after disaster strikes.

Our innovative Shelter Solutions program leverages the power of real estate donations to provide safe and secure housing for displaced families. This reduces stress and financial hardship during a difficult time, and allows families to remain in familiar surroundings close to support networks.

The Shelter Solutions Advantage:

Immediate Impact: Your property donation directly translates to temporary housing for families in need, offering them stability and comfort during a challenging time.

Long-Term Recovery: By enabling families to stay local, your contribution fosters a smoother transition back to their permanent homes once repairs are complete.

Mutually Beneficial: We offer a streamlined donation process and tax benefits for donors, while providing vital housing solutions for disaster-affected communities.

Unlocking the Potential of Real Estate Giving:

While gifts of real estate offer immense potential for nonprofits, many organizations lack the infrastructure or expertise to accept them. However, embracing real estate giving can be transformational for nonprofits in three key ways:

Diversification of Funding Sources: Real estate gifts offer nonprofits a diversified revenue stream, reducing reliance on traditional funding sources and enhancing financial stability.

Tax-Smart Philanthropy: Accepting gifts of real estate enables nonprofits to provide donors with tax-efficient giving options, attracting more substantial contributions and fostering long-term donor relationships.

Strategic Growth: Real estate gifts can facilitate strategic growth initiatives for nonprofits, such as expanding programs, acquiring new facilities or investing in long-term sustainability projects.

Commitment to Real Estate Donations:

At IFF, we understand the transformative power of real estate giving for both donors and our organization. We have partnered with a local charitable organization to provide comprehensive support and expertise to facilitate real estate donations.

For Donors:

Expert Guidance: Our experienced team offers personalized support to help you understand the benefits of donating real estate, including tax advantages and maximizing the impact of your gift.

Streamlined Process: We handle the complexities of property transfer, saving you time and resources.

Flexibility: Whether you're considering a temporary or permanent donation, we can tailor a solution that meets your needs.

For Nonprofits:

We partner with local nonprofits to develop customized strategies for accepting and managing real estate donations, ensuring they can maximize the potential of these valuable contributions. However, the specific details of these partnerships are tailored to each individual organization.


“We partnered with International Fire Foundation to donate our family condo in San Diego to the donor-advised fund,” said IFF donor Jem Linfleicht. “We relied heavily on their expert staff to guide us through the steps needed to maximize our donation and avoid paying unnecessary capital gains tax.”

“I felt comfortable and secure donating real estate to International Fire Foundation,” said donor Clarence Lee. “I was getting the best advice and was able to lean on the team to maximize my gift.”

At IFF, we also collaborate and work closely with your team of experts, including professional advisors such as accountants, tax attorneys, and estate planning attorneys, for gifts of real estate.

“The Foundation has been my partner in philanthropy for a year now,” said Patricia Nguyen, a local real estate, trust & probate attorney. “My clients and I work with the donation advisors for estate tax strategy, which often include using sophisticated trusts to increase charitable impact and maximize tax deductions,” she added.

Whether you are a donor with a property to contribute or a nonprofit seeking to expand your shelter solutions, IFF can help you unlock the full potential of real estate giving. Contact us today and see how your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of disaster survivors!

The hypothetical options do not take into account all state tax laws or local taxes differentials; net investment income surtax is also precluded for brevity; please review the gift in question with tax professional to ensure the gift aligns with your tax strategy. The saving shown is a tax deduction, multiplied by the donor’s income tax rate (~24% in this example), subtracted by the long term capital gains tax.

Figure 1: Example of Real Estate Strategies

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Figure 1.

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