Rebuilding Lives, Connecting Communities

The International Fire Foundation Disaster Recovery Program

3/30/20241 min read

The International Fire Foundation (IFF) stands on the front lines of disaster recovery, offering a beacon of hope for communities devastated by fire and other natural disasters with no option for recovery. The organization goes beyond immediate response by providing a comprehensive recovery program built on three long term recovery pillars: Rebuild, Upgrade, and Community Connection.

All communities and residents may apply to the organization programs; while the organization is geared to assist families that do not have insurance or have inadequate coverage, we offer comprehensive resources to help victims navigate the complicated insurance process when requested.


Financial Assistance: We offer free or low-cost rebuilding assistance grants and loans to families struggling to replace destroyed homes. The program allows families to rebuild their lives with dignity and security.

Focus on High-Risk Populations: We prioritize assistance to vulnerable populations who may face additional challenges in the recovery process.


Safety First: We provide free or low-cost maintenance and upgrade services to address existing safety hazards in homes. This could include electrical repairs, smoke detector installation, or modifications for improved accessibility and safety mechanisms.

Improved Living Conditions: Our upgrade program not only addresses safety concerns but also aims to improve the overall living environment for at-risk populations, including those with existing health conditions.

Community Connection:

Building a Support Network: We believe strong communities are essential for long-term recovery. The Community Connection project fosters a sense of community resilience by connecting vulnerable populations with essential resources.

Full-Service Recovery Team: We work to connect local agencies (public, private, and non-profit) to create a unified response network that addresses all aspects of recovery.

Fundraising and Community Support: We are an established local resource for fundraising and organizing charity events to support first responders, affected families, and ongoing recovery efforts.

Hazard Mitigation: Dedicated local community leaders and volunteer teams identify, remove or eliminate emergency hazards from communities. Services might include boarding up vacant structures, removing debris, or mitigating potential fire risks.

Equity and Openness: Our programs are available to all applicants regardless of race, status, or insurance coverage.

By addressing the long term recovery need for rebuilding, prioritizing long-term safety upgrades, and fostering a network of community support, the International Fire Foundation creates a holistic recovery program empowers individuals and communities to rebuild their lives and build resilient neighborhoods after disaster strikes.

Rebuild, Upgrade and Community Connection