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The International Fire Foundation is uniquely positioned with a directory of recovery resources for communities affected by disaster

5/29/20243 min read

man in blue jacket using computer
man in blue jacket using computer

In the aftermath of a disaster, timely communication with our response crews is crucial for receiving immediate assistance. To facilitate swift and effective contact, we have established multiple communication channels. These channels are designed to ensure that disaster victims can reach us quickly and provide the necessary initial information to expedite the long term recovery process.

Our dedicated email is available 24/7 to handle emergency requests. Victims can message the hotline email to report the new incident and request immediate assistance. When messaging, it is essential to provide critical details such as the nature of the disaster, the current location, and any urgent needs. The critical information allows our response teams to prioritize and dispatch resources efficiently.

In addition to the emergency email dispatch, disaster victims can contact our response crews via online dispatch here. Our dedicated dispatches monitor the online request system continuously to ensure prompt responses. When making a request, victims should include similar key information as provided in a general email: a brief description of the disaster, the precise location, and specific assistance required. This method is particularly useful for those who may not have immediate access to a phone but can use internet services.

For those who prefer face-to-face communication, we have established relationships with local fire departments. If you have a fire department representative at the incident scene, please request a response from the International Fire Foundation. Emergency response teams are staffed with trained personnel ready to offer immediate support and guidance. If a department is unaware of our programs, please have the department email our team to set up an preferred contact method or dispatch for your local city or county.

Providing accurate and comprehensive information during the initial contact is vital. It helps our response crews assess the severity of the situation and allocate resources appropriately. Quick action and immediate contact can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of the relief and recovery efforts.

We ensure disaster victims receive the necessary help, education and assistance promptly. Our response crews are committed to providing swift and effective support during emergencies, and timely communication is the first step towards achieving this goal.

Local Emergency Response

Incident Support and Guide

The International Fire Foundation is devoted to providing a structured and comprehensive support system to assist disaster victims through every phase of the recovery journey. Our response team initiates the process by conducting a thorough assessment of the needs within the affected community. The assessment allows us to identify the specific and immediate needs of the community and match them with emergency financial, housing, mitigation or safety resources that are both relevant and effective.

To address the needs displayed by affected communities, we have established robust partnerships with local non-profits, vendors, contractors, housing programs, and other essential services. By leveraging these partnerships, we can offer a wide range of resources that are crucial for the recovery process. From emergency shelters and food supplies to mental health services and financial assistance, our network ensures that all aspects of recovery are covered.

Our team provides step-by-step recovery education to victims, guiding them from the initial assessment to long-term recovery. Educational support is designed to empower victims, enabling them to understand and utilize the available resources effectively. By offering clear and concise information, we help them navigate the complex landscape of recovery services, ensuring all communities can access the help they need without unnecessary delays or confusion. All verbal communication is supported with an in depth recovery guide delivered directly to the affected community members. If you require a International Disaster Incident Guide to Recovery, email our team and ask for an I-DIG Recovery Guide.

To ensure effectiveness and availability of our programs, we welcome all willing community members to review our materials, suggest feedback and deliver updates after use of our recovery system to guarantee all emergency needs are met and vital information is shared for the next community in need.

Our commitment to supporting disaster victims is unwavering, and through our extensive local resource and support system, we strive to make the recovery process as smooth and efficient as possible. By providing both immediate relief and long-term recovery solutions, we ensure that those affected by disasters can rebuild their lives with dignity and confidence.